Variety that inspires – the BEMO roof systems

BEMO has a unique range of services for metal roofs of all sizes, for every roof shape and for every climate zone. All products are available in a uniquely wide range of material, surfaces and colours.

Due to its patented production technology and 3D planning – unique within the industry - BEMO is the specialist for complex metal roof projects and roof systems with well thought-out structural/physical characteristics.

Our engineering department will support you in the concept phase, during technical feasibility analysis, working out building-physics and structural solutions, and on request will create the implementation plan for your roof.

Using materials of the highest quality, thorough planning and low-wear assembly systems for the roof systems, BEMO ensures the long-life of cladding materials. The main material we use is aluminium. But even steel, zinc, stainless steel and other materials are available.

Using our mobile production machines, the metal roofs can be produced directly at the building, anywhere in the world. In almost any length and any shape.

BEMO has the knowledge and technology to implement your ideas. Visions become reality.